Operations management and Student CD and DVD


For the core course in Operations Management.

Includes Student Video Library (CD + DVD)

Operations Management, 9th edition offers students and professors the largest and most diverse problems sets in the industry, as well as providing solved problems and step-by-step worked examples to help students learn outside of the classroom.

This text allows students to apply what they’ve learned to real company challenges and best practices by offering a multitude of problems in the text and integrated case studies on video.

Its coverage includes an extensive amount of service applications and firms to give students an in-depth look at operations in the real world.

For general business students interested in operations management and gaining the fundamental working knowledge of a firm.

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Autor: Jay Heizer | Barry Render
Editorial: Pearson

Año: 2007
Edición: 9
Páginas: 784
Idioma: Inglés
Encuadernación: Pasta dura

Tema: Administración
Incluye paquete con Student CD y Student DVD
Título actualmente descatalogado de la editorial.

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Peso 2.6 kg
Dimensiones 29 × 23 × 5 cm

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